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The Kansas City Art Institute began building a $30 million campus construction program on Friday to create a new home for the Kansas State University College of Art and Design's art gallery. The Kansas City Arts Institute will open a $30 million campus building program on Friday that will create a brand new, federally funded art museum and gallery on the University of Kansas campus.

The new building will house the Kansas State University College of Art and Design's Art Gallery and Museum, as well as a new library and office space for the institute's faculty and staff. The new building: The Kansas City Art Institute, a $30 million campus construction program on the University of Kansas campus, houses the new KSCI Art Museum and Gallery, as well as a brand new library and office space.

The Museum of the Memorial, a nonprofit organization that manages the museum and memorial, hosts exhibitions, lectures and other events. Most of them are on display in the museum's galleries, as well as at the Kansas City Art Institute and the KSCI Museum.

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You could be an unofficial participant in the International Pancake Race and you could hire a bus to see where Dorothy Gale lived. Come to Liberal on Fat Tuesday, follow the yellow brick streets of Liberal, Kansas and become the unofficial participants in the international pancake race. To learn more about how to rent buses and charter boats in Liberal Kansas, visit and request an online quote.

A memorial has been left and is being proposed to the Alzheimer's Society, please leave a memorial. A funeral service will be held at 2 p.m. on Saturday, June 4 at Hillcrest Cemetery in Liberal, and will be presided over by Matt Richardson of Hooker Church of Christ.

Dorothy, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry will accompany you on the Yellow Backck Road, which winds past the talking trees, accompany you on your journey and answer your questions. You too can become part of this farmhouse, built in 1907 and carefully restored and furnished to recreate the house from the movie.

While you wait for your adventure in the land of Oz, there is often the opportunity to poke around the Coronado Museum.

The museum displays items dating back to 1541, when Coronado and 36 soldiers invaded what is now southwest Kansas and searched for the fabled seven gold towns. There are also exhibits that pay tribute to the Indians who lived in the area before Coronsado gained a foothold here. The museum displays items used to colonize Kansas territory during its Wild West days, including the first settlers of Kansas City, Kansas, and the earliest settlers in San Diego County, California. They were the "first Europeans" to visit what is now southwest Kansas since the Europeans arrived in America.

Shortly after, the Kansas Territory was founded, and the Mitchell family bought land to expand in their home state of Kansas. On June 1, 1850, Kansas was incorporated as a city into Kansas, but it was only a matter of time before the actual city received its name, as the enterprising Kansas took the opportunity to claim the title. Kansas was the city of Liberia and is still the largest city in the state with a population of over 2,000 and a total area of 1.5 million hectares.

In April 2011, Mitchell Theatres acquired the first Kansas-based theater in the United States, the Belton Cinema. In July 2011, they expanded to Missouri when they bought Belton. Cinema # 8 in Belton and then in October of the same year in Kansas City.

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