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Kansas City's popular open-air theater is staging a stage production of "The Wizard of Oz" from June 10-15. The Land of Oz is a combination of live entertainment and entertainment for children and adults, including a variety of musical performances, musical numbers and special guest performances. Children between six and eighteen years old pay three dollars and fifty cents, adults five dollars and children under five years old are free for all children under five years. This premise also includes two fictional locations: Dorothy's House and the Wizard's Palace.

Dorothy's house in "The Land of Oz" is located in the historic town of Coronado, Kansas, north of Kansas City. In the same place is the wonderful Coronsado Museum, which celebrates the first Europeans to travel to Kansas in 1541. There is also an exhibition that pays tribute to the Indians who lived here before Cor onado established itself here, as well as the history of the area.

The museum displays items used in the Kansas Territory settlement during the Wild West period, including horses, cattle, weapons and other equipment, as well as items used in the Kansas Territory during the Wild East period.

Notable attractions include the Kansas State Capitol, Missouri State Museum of Natural History and the State Library. Although the famous house is not quite as faithful despite the tornado, this page offers a replica of Dorothy's house, where visitors can visit the magical land of Oz with a guided tour of the original house. Equipped with 1930s antiques and a true-to-life Dorothy bedroom, there is even an animated entertainment area with live music and other attractions.

While there, it takes a while to look around and discover that the Historical Museum is indeed one of the best museums in the country, celebrating the interests and curiosities that have embodied the region over the years. This strange museum covers everything from Kansas history, from its history as a mining town to the fact that it has the largest gas field In the The world is now the largest oil field in the world.

The objects from 1541, when Coronado and 36 soldiers invaded what is now southwest Kansas and searched for the legendary seven gold towns, make this a must-see - for history buffs. The first Europeans to visit Europe today Southwest Kansas was the U.S. Army and the United States Army Corps of Engineers in the late 17th century.

Take a look at the historic buildings of the Kansas State Capitol in Kansas City and see why it's so fun to walk through the buildings from Kansas' heyday.

The Historical Museum of Ulysses is something else to see, housed in a 1930s mud-brick building.

The Oz Museum is located in northwestern Topeka, on the site of the old Kansas State University building on Ulysses Street. The exhibition spent ten years in a mall in Top Kansas before moving here and putting up in its current location. Located in the heart of downtown Kansas City, Kansas, bordering the Kansas River and Missouri River, this is one of Kansas' most popular tourist attractions.

The median home price for a liberal home is $90,600, 33% below the Kansas average. The city of Liberal is considered independent of the state and is excluded from the census figures for the townships.

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Come to Liberal on Fat Tuesday and you could be an unofficial participant in the International Pancake Race! You can download a PDF version of the liberal KS map so that you can easily reach it when you travel over the Internet. Use the satellite view or save the PDF to get a free printable Liberal plan.

Located in the heart of America, the Mid-America Air Museum houses the world's largest collection of mid-20th century aircraft and aviation items. The museum was founded to preserve our proud local and national aviation heritage. Become a pilot, pretend to be a pilot, and visitors to Liberals will find a variety of classic cars, aircraft parts and equipment, and aviation history.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center houses the largest and most diverse collection of animals in the world, where even the smallest visitor will feel like a giant. Visit the museum and start your trip to Oz by being guided by a teacher who is usually a local girl dressed as Dorothy. Dorothy, Aunt Em and Uncle Henry will accompany you on the Yellow Brick Road, meander and talk to you as you talk to the trees and answer questions. The instructors call your name and Dorothy guides visitors through the park, which takes them to the animated land of Oz.

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