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Fairfield Inn and Suites in Liberal offers guests traveling for business or pleasure the best of both worlds: comfort and comfort in your own home. Located at 501 Hotel Drive, the hotel is operated as a franchise by Marriott, owned and managed by the InVision Hotel Group of Dumas, Texas. It is scheduled to open in July with a new décor that will give guests a feeling of warmth and tranquility during the trip.

A complimentary hot breakfast of scrambled eggs, homemade waffles and breakfast sandwiches is also available. Other hotel amenities include laundry, free Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, a full-service fitness center, private pool and spa, gym, spa services, valet, laundry and much more.

Guymon Hotel has eco-friendly rooms, which are also pets welcome. Cyclists like to stay at the Guyman Hotel, and if you don't feel like cooking tonight, enjoy the amenities of an on-site full-service restaurant. Guymons hotel staff will treat you and your family to a complimentary hot breakfast with scrambled eggs, homemade waffles and breakfast sandwiches. If you are heading home from a long day of cycling or hiking through Kansas City, Kansas, please stop by the hotel for a complimentary coffee or tea.

If you visit one of the famous rodeos, you can go to the rodeo area at the Guyman Hotel for free or even ride a horse.

When you stay at a Best Western, you can expect the best, and they go beyond that to make sure you feel right at home. A good Western-brand hotel means you know exactly what to expect and that's what they deliver. The hotel in Guymon is known for its charm and is a wonderful venue for special events. There are some beautiful places to hold special events in Guymon and the hotel at Guyman Hotel, as well as other hotels in the area, will make your day even more special.

Whether you are here for a month or just a few days, you deserve a property that puts your comfort first. Whether you prefer home cooking or not, it will feel like your home away from home at the Guyman Hotel in Guymon, Kansas.

The new design of the rooms is effective and unique, responding to both the needs of the guests and their needs for comfort. Each room has modern deck chairs, which serve as functional and comfortable work or relaxation facilities. The rooms are designed to keep you productive and upside down on the go without overcomplicating the rooms.

The artwork in each room takes centre stage, window treatments serve as focal points and show photographs taken at Fairfield Farm. The materials are extremely thin and let light through the photograph, warming the room and creating a pleasant environment.

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More About Liberal